Exabeam is built on a foundation of proven, scalable open source big data technology, including HDFS and Elasticsearch. Many Web-scale companies rely on these technologies today to support the massive data volumes they generate. Elasticsearch is excellent for time series data management, i.e. security event log handling.

Exabeam Data Lake integrates the Elasticsearch stack with other technologies to create a thoroughly modern data management solution.

Exabeam Advanced Analytics is the world’s most deployed behavioral analytics platform. Advanced Analytics analyzes actual user and entity behavior to determine risk and to inform overburdened security analysts about potential attacks, as well as how to remediate them.

Advanced Analytics provides a powerful analytics layer on top of existing SIEM and log management technologies, detecting new attacks, prioritizing incidents, and guiding a more effective response.

Unlike existing triage and case management tools in use by most SOCs, Exabeam Incident Responder provides automated incident response capabilities via security orchestration and workflow automation. By leveraging API integrations with IT infrastructure and security solutions, Incident Responder is able to investigate, contain, and mitigate security incidents in a semi or fully automated manner. This provides huge advances in productivity for IR teams, yielding lower response times and less manual errors.